Dear Mr. Zane Taylor, I had an insurance claim with {insurer}. Which you will probably know about and I want to advise you of how pleased I am not only with his work but how Adrian, the young man who did the painting work did a great job but what a perfect gentleman Adrian is. I have had a stroke and can’t walk easily and am deaf in one ear, most be people are not very understanding with having to repeat things all the time, but Adrian was amazing with his work and patience when I or he had something to say to each other. He was great with the moving and replacing things which I was unable to move myself because of my condition, but he did it all so willingly. Adrian’s work is so very well done and I am so pleased now after waiting to get it done and I could never have wished for a better person to have come along to do that work. He was on time every day he was here and I want to let you know that he would be a young man I would thoroughly recommend to any company which uses a painter, he does great work and his manners are impeccable. Thank you for reading my e-mail and I hope Adrian gets some acknowledgement from it as he sure deserves it. He was great from start to finish.


North Buderim

All the works have been carried out to a very high standard, in particular with the roofing overcoming many small issues from it being an old house. In closing, many thanks to Sensus, all contractors and in particular Ashley for the kind of service that can turn an unfortunate hail storm into the best possible outcome possible given the circumstances.



I was happy with Ash who was always polite and solved all our problems the best he could. Now repairs are finished we are very happy with the end result.


Burrum Heads

The cooperation that we received from your representative was excellent and we thank Ashley very much. The work was carried out very efficiently and satisfactory.

T.G & G.L