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Retirement Living Unit Transformation

See how our team of commercial building experts took structural limitations as a challenge to transform a retirement living space.

Every construction project comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. A recently renovated retirement living independent living unit presented a series of structural non-negotiables.

“When we did the initial site inspection, we quickly realized the ground floor apartment had load bearing walls throughout the unit,” says Sensus Project Manager, Brendon Horne.

The budget didn’t include installing new structural beams, so the team incorporated aesthetically pleasing upgrades that gave the renovation the ‘wow’ factor.

“There was a brick column in the bathroom that we re-sheeted and created a new wrap around benchtop. This allowed us to gain 100ml in the shower which made a big difference in a small space,” says Brendon.

When the apartment was built 20+ years ago ‘stepping up’ into living spaces was a design trend. Of course, this doesn’t bode well for disability access which is a priority for many retirement living residents.

“The team got to work leveling out the flooring to make it zero transition throughout. We then placed new vinyl flooring in the living spaces and carpet in the bedrooms,” says Brendon.

In many renovations Sensus creates modern kitchen islands but because of the load bearing walls the layout couldn’t change. Instead, the team thought about comforts that would make the space more functional.

“The old unit didn’t have a dishwasher so we set to work installing plumbing to ensure the new residents would have modern amenities,” says Brendon. “The renovated kitchen also features soft close drawers, new benchtops and sleek modern appliances.”

Additional upgrades include a completely renovated laundry, air conditioning, LED lighting and new ceiling fans.

“The client was very happy with the outcome, and we look forward to collaborating with them on future projects,” says Brendon.

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