Library Storm Damage Re-Tarping

The rain had just stopped outside when Sensus Building Group received an urgent call. Part of a council’s local library’s roof had sprung multiple leaks and part of the ceiling had collapsed.

“We repaired the areas where the ceiling had been affected by storm damage,” says Sensus Project Manager, Michael Taylor. “We fixed a small part of the roof to stop more water entering the building.”

Sensus brought in dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the interior to prevent mold from destroying the library’s collection.

“Inside the building we extracted water out of the carpets and dried areas where water had got in,” says Michael.

Unfortunately, just days later another storm hit.

The decades old library, which is scheduled to be re-roofed, was sprouting leaks in new places. Council thoroughly investigated the situation and asked our team to help stop water flowing into the building.

“During a weather event we cannot go on roofs for safety reasons, so we put in place temporary self-draining containers,” says Michael.

Consensus was reached that the best way to preserve this wonderful community facility would be to re-tarp the roof once the rain stopped.

“Our team got to work laying down tarping in problematic areas. We simultaneously assessed preventive measures to help stop future damage,” says Michael. “To help stop future leaks we filled cracking with silicon. The team also put up framing to further mitigate water getting into the ceiling.”

Inside, Sensus brought back in the dehumidifiers, sanitised the area and fogged the building to kill mold spores.

“We worked diligently to ensure the roof was as weather resistant as possible before another storm hit,” says Michael. “By working closely with council and the librarians we were able to achieve the best possible outcome for the library.”

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