Climbing Uphill for Charity

What do sweat, sneakers and strenuous hill climbs have to do with fundraising? For The Wild Movement – Everything! On Saturday, Jan 11 around 28 individuals slipped on their sneakers to face challenging hill climbs all in the name of a great cause.

“When our client The Wild Movement told me they were fundraising for WIRES – Wildlife Rescue Emergency Fund we knew we wanted to help,” said Sensus Founder & MD, Zane Taylor. “We are a value based organisation that believe in giving back. The event was raising donations based on the number of hill climbs completed so we decided to match the final amount.”

The daunting hill was no match for this committed bunch. In the end they ran up and down it 400 times!

“We decided to round up and donated $1k to this important cause,” says Zane. “It was incredible to see everyone keep pushing to complete as many hill climbs as possible.”

Together The Wild Movement & Sensus Building Group raised almost $2k for WIRES – Wildlife Rescue Emergency Fund. They rescue and care for Australia’s precious wildlife. You can learn more about and contribute to their important work here.

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