Tradie Installing Plumbing at Hospital Construction Site on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast team are busy with works starting at hospitals in Maleny and Gympie.

In Maleny the team are renovating multiple bathrooms and in Gympie they’re transforming the old nurses’ station into a new medication storage room.

Over in Maleny the team started the job by creating a separate, self-locking entrance to minimise dust/noise disturbance in the working hospital.

The team then set to work stripping off existing bathroom plasterboard, followed by installing new plumbing and electrical.

They have just finished sheeting 12mil marine plywood. The team will be installing 9mil villaboard in the bathrooms next.

To continue to provide working bathrooms for hospital patients, our construction experts are renovating bathrooms on one end of the corridor before starting construction on the side of the building.

The team also set up an outside compound for storage. This area allows them to cut materials which minimise noise inside the site.

Over in Gympie works kicked off where the team is turning an old nurses’ station into a new on-site medical storage room. Despite the construction area being in the middle of a working hospital the team are thinking of ways to safely erect a building area to minimise dust and noise.

We look forward to bringing you updates of the completed works, including before and after photos, in the coming weeks.

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For Queensland Ambulance Service Paramedics, no two days are ever the same.

Being prepared for the unexpected is par for the course. That is why ambulance stations need to be fully equipped with the appropriate medication and tools.

Sensus Building Group recently reconfigured the Coolangatta Ambulance Station to create a custom storage room.

“The original floorplan consisted of two small rooms that we instantly recognized could be improved upon. Our team reimagined the storage area by cutting a doorway through the middle and transformed it into one large storage space,” says Sensus Project Manager, Brendon Horne.

A storage room feature is reinforced stainless steel benches which can hold three hefty safes.

The team also installed new vinyl flooring throughout, added a fresh coat of paint and blocked out a window for privacy.

“The Sensus team is proud to build the best possible facilities for our essential service workers who dedicated themselves to our communities every day,” says Brendon.

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At Sensus we’re proud to partner with local and state government to continue making Queensland a great place to live. We are an experienced essential services builder with substantial experience renovating ambulance stations and police works. As a specialist government builder, we have also delivered a range works for: schools and universities; libraries; housing commissions; prisons; childcare centres; and civil works.

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